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See your Exterior Design Ideas in 3D - From $425

Visualize your Design Ideas with total clarity

Design-3D Modeling
Color and Materials
Video Walkthroughs
Conceptual Plans

We assist you in designing your layout to your own vision with our interactive 3D Modeling. Customize your design and colors with our 30 plus years of remodeling and design experience.

Our Package Price includes the following

Phone Consultation: We will discuss your design ideas at several key
times during the design process for up to 1 hour.

Design Verification: We verify all your photos & design ideas via email,
phone and our remote screen sharing as required.

3D Modeling: We create up to two layout options in 3D of your sketch
or floor plans to confirm your final design.

Colors and Materials: You can choose up to three color and materials

Videos: We will send you video walkthroughs at various stages to confirm
your updates.

Remote Screen Sharing: Visualize your remodel in 3D interactively on-line
with our artists. See how changes to your layout, colors and materials effect
the look of your remodel for up to 1 hour from the comfort of your home.

Conceptual Plans: We create a set of scaled/dimensioned conceptual
floor plans. Please be advised these are not full plans and only contain
general dimensions.

How do I Get Started?

What we need from you

Your plans or sketch:  via Email or use our online Request a Quote
page to upload your information and we'll confirm your price.

Photos of your existing area: (this is a must): Photos help us to see the
existing area we are working with. Just use your cell phone or camera.

Your Color and Material selections: Colors and Materials transform your
3D model, reflecting shapes, colors, textures and how they how well they
work together. Just send us your custom colors and materials from photos
or other websites.