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Real Estate Professionals - Tools to Increase your Sales

Help your Clients see Home Remodel Potential with 3D Renderings

Great Marketing Tool for You

In a competitive real estate market you want to stand out and stay ahead of the competition. 3D renderings are a great way to add value to clients, increasing your sales.

Remodeling Alternatives

Many homes on the market may need remodeling. Show buyers and sellers that you have unique tools to help them save time and money with 3D visualization.

Watch our video to learn more

How do I get Started?

This Home has Great Potential

  • Refer EZ3D Living to your Buyer or Seller
  • If you just want to get make a recommendation to a client you can refer them to us. They will love this creative way to visualize their home remodeling possibilities.

  • I need Brochures
  • We can supply you with Brochures for your clients. The back of our brochure has an area reserved for your name and contact info. Simply Contact Us and we'll arrange to get them to you.

I want to Showcase the Potential of this Home

All we need is your sketch or floor plans to provide you with a free quote. We can work with your floor plans in any format you have. Simply go to our Request a Quote page and upload them there.

Sketch a floor plan - It's all we need for a Free Quote

If you have a flair for design and can measure, create a simple sketch or drawing of your design ideas. It does not have to be professionally done, but dimensions should be as accurate as possible.

If you just don’t have the ability or time to create floor plans yourself, then we suggest the following:

  • Use your Contractor - He remodels all the time
  • Your contractor is an excellent source for refining your design ideas. Meet with him to discuss your project and provide an estimate. He'll likely make a sketch and take notes. With his sketch and our services, you'll be able to visualize your design ideas and he'll be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate.

  • Select Design, Colors and Materials Options
  • The internet is a great place to begin. There is an abundance of great sites, Houzz for example, that have everything from layout and design tips to materials and colors. We also provide a Materials Selection page - check it out.

  • Contact your local Building Department
  • Building permits typically require house plans. Original plans of your home are very likely available there, even from decades ago. Copies can usually be obtained for a minimal fee. It's a great way to get started on your redesign ideas.

  • Use Home Measuring Services
  • There are professional measuring services that will come to your home. They'll take measurements and create a floor plan for a fairly reasonable price. Plans of your existing project area are a great place to start when doing remodeling.

  • Get an Architect or Designer
  • Use an architect or designer, they specialize in creating layouts and designs. With their experience and your ideas they'll create a conceptual design for you. Use the floor plans they create and Request a Quote with us.

Put your design ideas together - Use EZ3D Living

Collect your floor plans, photos, colors/materials and design ideas and we'll put it all together for you in 3D. Simply go to our Request a Quote page and upload whatever information you have.

Need more Information about our Services?

Visit our How it Works page to find out more about our process. If you still have some questions, don't hesitate to Contact Us.