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Contractors - Help your Company and Clients with 3D

Use your experience and 3D technology to improve profits

3D - Best way to communicate

Incorporating 3D into your business just makes sense. See it before you build it.

Reduce Change Orders - Nobody wants the headaches of changes once construction begins. Added costs make clients unhappy and disrupts your scheduling.

No Programs to Learn - With a sketch, photo, colors and materials we can create anything for you in 3D. It’s simply that easy!

Watch our video to learn more

How do I get Started?

My Client needs Plans - It's just impossible without them

It's certainly not uncommon to go into a clients home and find that they need plans. How can you even bid yet alone get started? This is the perfect time for you to consider integrating 3D into your services. Why refer them to an architect or designer, they may not be back and it could cost you a potential customer.

  • Offer 3D to your Clients - A shared vision benefits You and your Client
  • It could help you land the contract as competing contractors may not offer 3D. Conceptual plans and a 3D rendering will help you avoid client conflicts. You'll provide a more accurate bid and avoid change orders. Price is very important but a clients impression of you is a close second. Stand out by including 3D services in your proposal.

  • Sketch a floor plan - It's all we need for a Free Quote
  • You know how a first meeting goes with a client. You're prepared to be there for at least an hour discussing their ideas and gathering the information you need to provide them with an estimate. Make the best use of this time by making a dimensioned sketch along with notes of what they want.

  • Refer EZ3D Living to your Client
  • If you just want to get make a recommendation to a client you can refer them to us. They will love this creative way to visualize their home remodeling possibilities.

  • I need Brochures
  • We can supply you with Brochures for your clients. The back of our brochure has an area reserved for your name and contact info. Simply Contact Us and we'll arrange to get them to you.

My Client has Plans - Request a Free Quote

All we need is your dimensioned plan or sketch to provide you with a free quote. We can work with them in whatever format you have. Simply go to our Request a Quote page and upload them there.

  • Architecural Plans
  • Do the homeowners really have a good idea what their design looks like? Probably not. By offering 3D modeling and realistic renderings you and your clients can see what the architect envisioned.

  • Bidding on Plans
  • You know you are bidding against other contractors. Of course price is very important but the homeowners impression of you is a close second. Make your bid stand out by including 3D services in your proposal.

Put your design ideas together - Use EZ3D Living

Collect your floor plans, photos, colors/materials and design ideas and we'll put it all together for you in 3D. Simply go to our Request a Quote page and upload whatever information you have.

Need more Information about our Services?

Visit our How it Works page to find out more about our process. If you still have some questions, don't hesitate to Contact Us.